Friday, February 13, 2015

Publish your Own Book

First steps towards promoting your ebook

As a writer you will soon learn the hard work isn’t done when the book is finished. The most difficult part will be finding ways to successfully market your book and getting your first sales. This article explains how to get started.

While many people don’t like the dominance Amazon has, the site is vital for new authors that want to sell ebooks. If you’re signing up to Kindle make sure to join the Kindle Direct Program so that you can participate in the free promotions that program offers. This can help to gain reviews and the more reviews the book gets, the more likely it is to sell.

One of the most important parts of book marketing will be building a loyal following and you can do this in many different ways. If you haven’t already established an account on Twitter, then the time to do it is now. Twitter is valuable resource for building interest in your book; other forms of social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn are useful too.

Another way to build a following is to set up a blog or website that can then be used as a platform to gain followers and get an audience for the book. Once the blog is set up, you’ll also want to consider a regular newsletter to help keep in contact with your followers and let them know of the latest developments and any new releases.

As an independent author, you might think that advertising is out of your reach but there are many cost-effective ways of getting your book out to a much wider audience. One good way of effectively promoting your book is by using the services on Fiverr.  
Many sellers on Fiverr offer low-cost ways of getting   publicity for a new book but put some careful consideration into the type of services you use. For instance, a service the offers your book to 10,000 Facebook followers that are avid fans of independent authors will give you far more chance of getting a sale than someone promoting your book to website that might have a relatively low visitor count.

A blog tour can be an effective way of getting vital publicity for your newly published book. Usually, the author of will have to offer some sort of giveaway or promotion to go with the blog tour.

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